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Details Virtual-Ethnography

Virtual Ethnography 'This book reflects scholarly dedication to enlarging the discussion on the nature and role of the internet, and provides insight into how ethnographic methodologies can be adapted creatively to research into modern electronic ...

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Details Rajrang-Onle-Wandbehang-Wanddeko-Handarbeit-Baumwolle-Olive-Grn-Dekoration

Ilford Multigrade IV FB Fiber Based VC Variable Contrast Double Weight Black and White;8x10, 100 Sheets Glossy, Enlarging Paper

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Details Queer-Theology-Rethinking-the-Western-Body-BBPG

Queer Theology Queer Theology makes an important contribution to public debate about Christianity and sex. This remarkable collection reconceptualizes the body and its desires, enlarging the meaningfulness of Christian sexuality for the good of the ...

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Details Dritz-Longarm-Quilter-s-Anteil-Mastab

DRITZ-Dritz Longarm: Quilter's Scale. This handy tool gives you percentages for reducing or enlarging patterns so you don't have to do the calculating. It includes percentages for converting measurements up to 24 inches and also has a formula showing ...

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Details Plant-World-Seeds-Scilla-Peruviana-Seeds

Stout stems hold heavy heads of bright blue flowers over clumps of green strap-like leaves which arise from slowly enlarging bulbs. This lovely, easily grown, very long lived and exceptionally large-flowered plant does not come from Peru. When the ...

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Details Carson-3x-MagniMark-Fresnel-Lupe-mit-152cm-Lineal

carson magnimark compact page magnifier with 6in ruler the perfect bookmark perfect for enlarging fine print or any detail that needs to be seen. keep your place in your book read maps see the fine details in your stamp or coin collections made of ...

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Details Critical-Insights-A-Portrait-of-the-Artist-as-a-Young-Man-Print-Purchase-Includes-Free-Online-Access

Of the essays written specifically for this volume, Tara Prescott's review of Joyce's life helpfully places his largely autobiographical novel in the context of his life and time, powerfully enlarging our understanding of the biographical fields the ...